case study

website & custom
Cross-platform CMS

MTCF bridges the significant gap between students and higher education — one that exists between Universities/Colleges and the myriad of students especially from rural areas of the country.

In collaboration with our digital designers, we built a web experience that utilizes a design aesthetic that represents their amazing organization and a platform that highlights their achievements in an intuitive and engaging format.

A clean and focused design aesthetic paved the way for subtle micro-interactions and seamless content reveal that aimed to further engage the user as they move their way through the different sections of the site.

The other major challenge was gathering data from a shared hosting server using the API and displaying & editing the information in real time on multiplatform applications running on some unsecure connections. We had to secure and encrypt all the data we recieve and send under these conditions.



According to research, 56% of people would rather message than call customer service
So we built this application to Send and receive text, media, news, announcements and so much more

Accepts payments inside conversations,

80% of our client audiance is engagged by using this bot every day

Complete Dynamic Team

& Gallery sections

The gallery and team sections are special. Gallery section is automatically updated when user with admin privillages takes pictures in events. It automatically adds Geo-Locations and time Stamps to the pictures and put them under review for admins with higher privillages.

Team section is managed by the HR persons. It allocates special ids and a dedicated profile to every team member and prints out a QR code for various purposes. Any director level person can access complete details of any team member from their mobile or desktop applications.



Custom CMS theme
Custom full page slider on the Home
Complete Dynamic Team & Gallery sections
Integrated CMS for recent news
Custom Node.js Chat bot to engage audiance
Cross-platform application to mentain the website and employ database

Tools and

processes used

  • Front end

    We used HTML, SCSS, TS, Angular-5 and Electron for the front end.

  • Back end

    The back end was created with PHP, Node.js and for a few functionalities we used Discover API and MongoDB.

  • Product development

    Steady contact to the end user to discover requirements and adapt item priorities to the current needs of the user.

  • Agile software development process

    The client had access to deliveries and demos every 15 days in addition to weekly meetings to discuss the status.